7 Tips and Tricks for Writing a Nursing Personal Statement Essay

When you are in the process of applying to an undergrad or graduate nursing program, one of the biggest and most important challenges will be writing the personal statement essay. The main purpose of this application requirement is to set you apparat from the thousands of other applicants trying to get into the same program. The following are seven tips and tricks you should know about writing a stellar nursing personal statement essay:

  1. Brainstorm some ideas and answer the important questions
  2. Before you start writing, spend about an hour brainstorming some ideas and answering some of the important questions regarding your application. This service writemyessay.today can help you. For instance, look at the prompt and come up with some simple responses for each part. Come up with some reasons for wanting to become a nurse. All of this provides content from which to work.

  3. Write something that looks different from online samples
  4. Several experts will suggest you look at some samples to get an idea for what goes into a well-written nursing personal statement essays. While this is a good idea, you shouldn’t simply look for a free download online. These will likely have been looked at by hundreds of other applicants and if you mimic the samples’ structure or content, you won’t stand apart as much as you’d like. Aim to write differently while still addressing the essay’s major requirements.

  5. Declare your position and create an personal essay outline
  6. Similar to writing a thesis statement in an academic essay, the nursing personal statement essay requires you to declare your position in the form of your immediate and long-term goal. State precisely why you want to join the nursing program and how it will apply to your future goal. This should be placed right at the start of your essay.

  7. Explain how you became interested in the nursing field
  8. One of the most important aspects of the nursing personal essay that you should address is explaining how you first became interested in the field. A career in nursing takes a lot of dedication and hard work, and any passing interest in it might come off as a lack of sincerity on your part.

  9. Explain what you have been doing in pursuit of the career
  10. Just as important as explaining your personal interest you should explain what you have been doing to prepare yourself for the nursing program and a subsequent career. This could be mean taking preliminary but related courses, online programs, internships and even self-study.

  11. Revise your personal statement for greater effectiveness
  12. Like in all other written assignments, set your personal essay aside for at least a few days before you start to make your revisions. Remember that you want to present a great image of yourself as a student at your desired program. Revise for any parts that can be removed, added, or rearranged for greater impact and effect.

  13. Edit and proofread your work so that it’s free of all errors
  14. Finally, always edit and proofread your work before submitting your application. Flawless writing is extremely important no matter what field you are applying to. Ensure your sentences are clear and direct, your words are precise and simple, and that you have no errors in grammar, spelling or punctuation.

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